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Dearest loving fans, drunk people, internet people (people browsing around on the internet), and everyone else,

Issue 2 is now on sale, featuring Adam Fitzgerald, Nick Flynn, Monica McClure, Janey Smith, Gregory Sherl, Wendy Xu, AND MORE.

Look over to the left and scroll down to find the paypal button and send us some money. We’ll send you a magazine. INTRANET.


David Weisberg, Managing Editor

Intern at DEATH HUMS!

About the internship:

Most of our past interns are now part of our editorial staff.

There is certainly a bit of grunt work involved. You may be asked to ship magazines, alphabetize names, or even get someone a drink.

While we strive to maintain a professional and respectful environment, we are sometimes disorganized, too depressed to function, stubborn, and/or drunk. We are not the New Yorker.

That said, we don’t hire interns who we don’t see as potential editors. We want your input and creative contributions.

You MUST be passionate about poetry and small press publishing. You MUST live in New York and know how to get around. Ideally, you are also a social media expert with some experience using InDesign. Basic HTML and CSS skills are a huge plus. Reasonable people skills are necessary and extreme extroversion is ideal.

Plan to spend 5-10 hours per week working for us. This time will most likely be spent on a computer. We occasionally meet in person, most often in downtown Manhattan.

We wish we could pay you but we can’t. We try to offer perks (drinks, pizza, opportunities to meet your favorite poets, etc.) as often as possible.

Unfortunately, we are unable to hire interns under the age of 21, as some of our events are held in 21+ venues.

How to apply:

Send a cover letter, CV or resume, and anything else you feel like sending to Amy Silbergeld:

[email protected]

DEATH HUMS Issue 2 Launch at Webster Hall

Hi, friends,

I’m honored to announce that Adam Fitzgerald , Monica D’avila McClure , John Ganiard , Gerard Coletta , Joshua Schneider , Forsyth Harmon , and Jay Pluck will read at our upcoming launch party that offer you order tadalafil online – 20mg or 5mg.

Please join me, the rest of the DEATH HUMS staff, and the above writers on Sunday, July 14th at the Balcony Lounge in Webster Hall. Doors (and the bar!) open at 6pm. Copies of DEATH HUMS Issue 2 will be available for sale. A complimentary champagne toast will follow the reading.

I hope to see you at this celebration of two issues of DEATH HUMS Magazine, and over two years (crazy!) of our reading series.

Warm regards,

Amy Silbergeld

Founder and Editor-in-Chief